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2019 maiden editon of the Dare to Aspire Women Summit Africa-DAWSA


DARE to Aspire Women Summit Africa is as an annual event that will, each year, bring together, African women from all walks of life who have a desire to strive for change and to develop drive, passion, desire and consistency of such traits through thick and thin to become everything they have intended to be. It is a platform to encourage women to aspire for greatness and thread and explore unfamiliar and unusual territories. It will be a summit that leverages on storytelling, healthy debates, and empowering discussions to impact our female audience.

The Aspiring Women Awards Africa is designed celebrate aspiring African women who have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate drive, passion, desire and have shown results through consistency of such traits through thick and thin to become everything they have intended to be; women who have made a significant and long-term business contribution to creating smarter and more inclusive working environments; women who have truly excelled, not only in their professional lives, but as leaders and role models, more importantly, women who dare to take the unfamiliar and unusual path. While many of these women come from different industries and walks of life, they share several traits: a strong sense of self, a success-driven work ethic and the extraordinary accomplishments to show for it. Their commitment, vision and talents make them true leaders in their chosen fields. The Award again honours an individual or organization that has made a lasting impact on empowering women and girls in Africa to ensure future generations of women’s success.

 ‘Be Fearless’. It will empower African women, to face their fears, be bigger and better than they currently are and urge them to break those boundaries and limitations that come their way. It is a Pan African event, involving personalities from around the continent and in the diaspora as participants. It will be an evening of glitz and glamour, which will be covered by international media across Africa as we honour the great and distinguished women of our continent.

The proceedings of the conference shall be in discussants discussing issues emanating from the main theme of the event. It shall be an annual event; a pro-active women’s event, with each year’s conference building on the outcomes of the previous one through effective influencing activities targeted at the government, women groups and young women in schools, churches and other organizations.

We are looking for stories of women who:

• Chose to be courageous in spite of their circumstance
• Have risen above doubts to achieve extraordinary things
• Refused to quit and have a story to tell
• Stepped out and walked by faith
• Spread their wings and fly
• Are bold and have achieved immense change for others
• Inspired other women to unleash their full potential

This is an awards competition and the best carries the reward.

Our Goal of the Summit and Awards is to:

• Inspire the African female youth to aspire for greatness through celebrating greatness and sharing the stories of great women who have built their fortune here in Africa.
• To imbibe a sense of ownership of country and continent into our next generation of women; ownership of country, continent and culture. When you own something, you nurture it, you protect it, and you grow it. This is a tool we need for the advancement of our country and continent. It is important that as African we become citizens not spectators.
• Awaken the entrepreneurs in the next generation of women.
• Encourage African women to dream and to be.
• Encourage African women thread and explore unfamiliar and unusual territories
• Create mentorship platform for young women.

For a complete description of the characteristics of each category, read below:

Recognizing aspiring women who have nurtured and mentored lives of young Men and women through their exemplary lives. This award is for women who have a track record in mentoring and developing future leaders of industry.

Recognizes aspiring women for excellence, innovation and leadership in the STEM industry, whose work has influenced positive change, and who are role models in their careers and community involvement.

Aspiring Women who are not popular but have excelled and their unsung efforts have led to success of others. Their stories are not often heard but they are making huge impacts.

Looking at Aspiring influencers in Health, Politics, Business, Fashion and Beauty, Social Work, Hospitality, Religion, Academia, Journalism, and Technology. 

Recognizing aspiring Women who are innovative, visionary and creative.  Hard worker, dedicated and committed. They give birth to an idea and against all odds raise the standard of bar of the creative industry. They are influential and respected in the industry of their talent. They include writers, poets, producers (TV, film, music, radio, and print), artists, and designers.

This award recognizes aspiring women who are disrupters in their various fields to include: Telco, Engineering, Business, Entrepreneurship etc. They are continually doing things that effects a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something.

An extraordinary aspiring woman who has manifested a legacy that continues to inspire others. She has dedicated her life to the advancement of others and paved the way for the leaders of tomorrow. She is recognized as an ambassador for women through her extraordinary dedication, personal achievements, and service to others through mentorship, philanthropy, and business.

Recognizing aspiring Young women between the ages of 10 and 25 who are rising in arts and music, sports, business, social work, cuisine, education and has achieved success in education, business, mathematics, physics, arts, music and athletics against all odds and irrespective of their background

Recognizing aspiring Women with Disability who have risen above limits to achieve success. These women have dared against all odds to reach for the stars and prove that the impossible is truly possible if you dare.

A company, organization or Entrepreneur that champions for aspiring women in their networks, workplaces and communities. A Support HER is a team player and active mentor who paves the road to empower women in leadership roles. A Support HER is a champion for the inclusion of women in the goals and the vision of the enterprise.

Recognizing an aspiring woman entrepreneur at the helm of a small business of under 20 employees. The entrepreneur will have examples that show their resilience and fortitude in overcoming obstacles and difficulties to ensure a secure and growing success.

Overall award going to a woman who has been consistent in excellence, courage, personal achievements and leadership. She leads by example, practices mentorship and has a proven track record of success as an inspiration to women.

What’s Unique About Our Awards?

Aspiring Women Awards Africa, event is open to the public, features inspirational keynote speakers, and celebrates women who are making an impact and building legacies on African continent.

Take this opportunity to connect and be inspired by women who lead by example. Whether you are a friend, colleague, sponsor or supporter, take this opportunity to celebrate you and be inspired to do more and be more. Welcome, join us in celebrating Daring Women of Inspiration with Night of Glitz and Glamour.

It’s is also an opportunity to connect local, national and global stakeholders, network and build valuable relationships with other thought leaders, industry experts, and visionaries. It’s about sending a global message of diversity and inclusiveness uniting men and women from the global business community voicing their support for the achievements of women.

Benefits of Your Nomination

  • Opportunity to share your perspective at the pre-awards conference
  • Invitation for Nominee to attend our VIP Opening launch
    Opportunity to be recognized by our Media Partners.
  • Elevate your personal and professional profile nationally.
  • Increased credibility of your business profile.
  • Enhance your legacy.
  • Presented with an Aspiring Women Awards Africa Award
  • Special Letter of Recognition
    Gifts from our event partner/sponsors
  • Interviewed by Our Media Partners on website, newsletter, social media
  • Receive Awards Badge
  • Professional Headshot with our Event Photographer;
  • Recognized by our Media Partners;

We look forward to celebrating with you!
Be a part of the renowned business women Awards Dinner and make valuable connections.
The feeling of being acknowledged is PRICELESS!

Dare to Inspire Award winners will be invited to participate as Mentors for Aspiring Women Mentorship Program. Nominees who wish to register as a Member of Aspiring Women Network should send us mail at daretoaspireawards@gmail.com

How are Award Winners Chosen?

All Nominee Packages are reviewed by our Selection Committee members who have signed a Confidentiality Agreement.

Final nominees are selected by an array of different variables, including but not limited to, the most public submissions, advisory board, creative content, engagement, growth rate, and most importantly, the ability to positively influence! and announced at our annual Aspiring Women Awards Africa Awards Dinner.

The Award Selection Committee reserves the right to withhold an award in any category and holds final determination on all awards.

The selection committee reserves the right to move a nominee to a category more suited to their strengths and skill sets without notification. View Categories.

Finalists will be contacted before the end of August.

Nominees must attend in person, the Aspiring Women Awards Africa Awards VIP Dinner.


Yes,the Nominees are required to purchase event table or tickets prior to ticket deadline of September 15.

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