Events Design and Management

I have personally witnessed major events by large non-profit organizations where thousands of cedis more could have been raised and where the audience truly was neglected because the people presenting the event just sort of watched passively and expected the event to run itself.

Thus, they often fail to get the most out of their events. Having actively participated in producing literally hundreds of events of all kinds, I am aware of the keys to making them work. Here is a very brief compendium of what I believe are the most important elements of an event, no matter the size or type of event;

  1. Understand the Mission, the Purpose, or the Point of the Event
  2. Select an Appropriate Venue
  3. Draft A Written Plan
  4. Manage the Flow of the Event
  5. Create an Emotional Moment
  6. Design Your Messages to be Taken from the Event
  7. Plan for Repeatability and Expandability

For these Swift Pace consulting fully assure you of; and many more to make your event a memorable one.