NAYADO Communications And Advertising is a private Communication organisation specialises in Event Management, Publishing(magazine),Consulting, Mentoring Services, Research,Recruitment, Television and Radio Programming, Content Writing, Capital/Fundraising,Advertising, Sales and Marketing, Production of TV commercial, jingles and Adverts, General Printing, Etc.

Our Core Values

  • Seeking the fact and perfection;
  • Appreciation of entrepreneurship;
  • Respecting others’ ideas and beliefs;
  • Creative thinking;
  • Deep dialogue (lose-lose);
  • Entrepreneurial behavior;
  • Team working:Our Mission.

This corporation is a non-profit organization with no religious or political preference, and it is not organized for the private gain of any person. Our entrepreneurship programs are organized exclusively for serving the public; to relieve the poor and for the advancement of economic and social entrepreneurship, as well as creative thinking and life style. It’s our mission to improve and develop scientific, applied and professional entrepreneurship, as well as creativity and bring them into everyone’s life.


Facilitating, improving, promoting, training, rewarding and supporting creative thinking, idea generation, inventions and entrepreneurial behaviours among people in order to develop their business and life styles;

Training, developing and promoting social entrepreneurship concept and corporate entrepreneurship to the society;

Recognizing, introducing and rewarding the most prominent entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, venture capitalists and business angels;

Networking entrepreneurs with business angels, business incubators, venture capitalists, entrepreneurship experts and etc;

Establishing thinking club and business incubator for members.